Jun. 2nd, 2009

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My very first LnC fanfic, written in the fall of 1999.

Honor Among Thieves

Rated G.

Superman gets a mysterious message to meet someone in a dark alley off Suicide Slum, but the results of the meeting are hardly what he expects. Set some time in early S2.

Honor Among Thieves )
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Written in late 1999. This is crackfic of sorts, although how long it takes for the penny to drop depends on the reader.

Escape From Krypton?

Rated PG.

A very different look at Lara and Jor-El's reasons for sending Kal-El to Earth. Set pre-series, with vague spoilers for Foundling.

Escape From Krypton? )
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Written in December 1999: my first episode rewrite, and my first long fic.

The Mirror Crack'd

Rated PG.

A rewrite of Tempus, Anyone? that shifts the episode to late S2, the night before And the Answer Is...

Tempus accidentally snatches Lois before she knows that CK=S -- and Wells isn't there to help Lois figure things out!

Disclaimer: dialogue and descriptions taken from the episode "Tempus, Anyone?" presumably belong to Warner Brothers; Superman, Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and the other citizens of Metropolis belong to whomever currently owns the copyright on those characters and locations. H.G. Wells belongs to himself, no doubt, but he's not in this story anyway. :)

Author's notes: Thanks to Sammi Burleigh for giving me the original inspiration for this story; to Margaret Brignell for introducing me to FoLCdom in the first place and doing a same-day delivery on her excellent beta-editing; and many, many thanks to the regulars at Zoomway's fanfic message board for their advice and encouragement! Without their help, this story would have never made it out of my brain, much less off my hard drive.

The Mirror Crack'd )


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